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Youth Protection Training

Defence youth protection training provides a range of Defence and Cadet role-specific e-learning training packages. There is a suite of courses currently available, and modernisation of youth protection training is underway.

Level 1 - Defence Youth Safety Awareness
Package focuses on foundation knowledge and understanding of why youth safety is a priority for Defence and the ADF Cadets. It is designed for anyone in Defence who may come into contact with youth. Pre-requisite – None

Level 2 – Defence Youth Safety Practitioner
This training is designed for those who have regular contact with youth and will introduce Defence's approach and expectations in the application of the Defence Youth Safety Framework. Pre-requisite – Level 1

Level 3 – Defence Youth Safety Leader
This module has been designed for Defence and cadet leaders to understand their obligations and responsibilities under the Defence Youth Safety Framework, particularly as it relates to managing and reporting youth protection events/incidents. Pre-requisite – Level 1

Level 6 – Defence Youth Safety for Youth U18 years
This training is designed to give youth awareness of their rights and responsibilities as youth in Defence and of their role in upholding youth safety. Pre-requisite – None

Defence users can access the training via Campus Anywhere - Campus
Courses can be accessed through the Defence portal Campus and CadetNet Online Learning System. CadetNet is a restricted zone and user registration is required. Contact your Unit or the relevant Cadet Organisation for assistance.