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About us

This site is administered by Directorate of Youth. It provides the single source of information for the Defence Youth Safety Framework and associated policies contained within the Defence Youth Policy Manual (YOUTHPOLMAN).

YOUTHPOLMAN provides policy guidance for people engaging with youth on behalf of Defence, including:

  • Defence workplaces
  • Defence youth programs
  • Community activities
Defence’s commitment to youth is consistent with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. The Principles provide a nationally consistent approach to embedding organisational culture that fosters youth safety and wellbeing.
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History and Background

Why we exist and how we started

The first Youth Policy Manual (YOUTHPOLMAN) was published in 2013. YOUTHPOLMAN is Defence’s primary source for youth and youth protection policy and guidance for Defence. Defence is considered to be a leader in youth protection policy because of its agility and continuous improvement initiatives, the embedment of youth safe culture and the promotion of youth protection policies and practices.

Defence contributes to the development of whole-of-government policy as a member of multiple interdepartmental committees. Defence is an exemplar in the delivery of highly regarded youth programs including its work experience program.

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