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Today's generation of young people have much to offer and it is through their contributions that the long term stability and prosperity of our nation will be secured.

In supporting whole of government youth policy, Defence is committed to assisting young people to meet the new and unique challenges they face by providing a range of safe, challenging, high quality and contemporary youth engagement and development experiences.


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Make a general enquiry

Provide feedback

Please use this online form to provide feedback or make suggestions on Defence Youth Programs and policies.

Note: Please fill out and submit the Youth Protection ConCERN online form if you are reporting a youth protection event/incident.

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Contact a program

Contact Details

Please provide this information if you would like us to contact you to discuss your feedback/suggestions.

Report concerns

You can provide information in this Youth ConCERN form if you have a concern about your care or treatment within Defence or a Defence youth program.

When completing this form please provide as much information as possible and include your name and preferred contact details so we can contact you to discuss your concern.

Please use this form after you have explored local avenues. For example, we recommend trying to resolve your concern with your local Commander or Supervisor or someone you trust within your youth program/work area first. If that isn’t an appropriate option, or you have already reported your complaint to your local Commander or Supervisor and would like to make a confidential complaint through another mechanism, please complete this form.

A parent, guardian or other adult may submit this form on behalf of a person under 18.

The information you provide is treated confidentially and will only be disclosed to relevant personnel in order to achieve the best outcome for you. Please be aware that if it is essential for your protection, Defence may be required to share information about your complaint with others (e.g. informing the police if a crime is suspected to have occurred).


For information on how Defence manages youth protection information, refer to YOUTHPOLMAN Part 1, Section 1 Chapter 2: Youth Protection Documentation, Records and Privacy.


About you

Please provide as much possible so that we are able to information about yourself as get in touch with you and provide appropriate support and resolution.

We ask this question because Defence has special obligations to protect persons under the age of 18

Program details
Details of the incident
Please include as much as details as you can remember

A member of the Joint Support Services Division within Defence will be in contact with you as soon as possible to acknowledge your complaint and provide information on next steps. If there is a specific action or resolution you are seeking, please outline below.