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Defence Youth-Related Resources

This section provides links to a range of Defence youth-related resources and references

Defence Youth Safety Framework
The Defence Youth Safety Framework (DYSF) articulates the principles that guide the Department of Defence to be a youth safe organisation. The DYSF consists of a suite of policies published in YOUTHPOLMAN Part 1, additional supporting policies in YOUTHPOLMAN Part 2, and Part 3, a strong governance framework, a set of youth protection training programs, and a collection of resources for use in implementing youth safety and protection across Defence. Defence does not tolerate abuse or neglect of children. Defence is committed to taking allreasonably practicable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of youth with whom it comes intocontact through supporting a youth safety culture and the promotion of individual and collectiveresponsibility for youth safety. Defence's commitment is demonstrated in its capstone youth policymanual known as YOUTHPOLMAN. To view 2022 Department of Defence Annual Child Safety Statement of Compliance with the Commonwealth Child Safety Framework please click here.
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Youth protection training
Comprehensive online training is available to help increase the knowledge of ADF personnel and volunteers in youth-related work positions, enabling them to safeguard young people when participating in a Defence youth program. The training also provides important information to assist those responsible for developing Defence policies and procedures.
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Working with children checks
Guidance to determine if you need a Working with Children Check (WWCC). Please note that the requirements for a WWCC differs by state and territory. NSW ACT VIC WA SA NT TAS
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Through our programs, we facilitate young people’s exploration of the amazing career opportunities available at Defence through well-organised youth activities. We provide opportunities for young people to develop and gain confidence as they transition into the workplace.
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