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A taste of life in Defence’s Land Engineering Agency

The Defence Work Experience Program is up and running again, with three Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology students getting a taste of life in Defence’s Land Engineering Agency.

The program provides young Australians the opportunity to gain exposure to a range of job roles available within the ADF and Australian Public Service.

COVID-19 put a temporary hold on the program last year, but planning has since been undertaken to ensure the safety of all involved.

Work experience participant Carly Clarke said her six-week placement in the Land Engineering Agency provided invaluable insight into Defence.

“My work experience timing could not have been more perfect, as it was run concurrently with the test and evaluation of the infantry fighting vehicles in the L400 Phase 3 Project,” Ms Clarke said.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work at the Land Engineering Agency proving ground, Monegeetta, tagging along to see the testing being completed, and to have the opportunity to sit in with systems engineers during their requirements workshops.

“Participating in this work experience program has completely opened my eyes to the opportunities that a career with Defence holds, and I know that it will have a positive influence over my efforts in completing my degree.”

Land Engineering Agency Deputy Assistant Secretary Santo Magro, a former graduate of the work experience program himself, said his team was pleased to host the latest cohort of students.

He said he was very supportive of the work experience program and paid tribute to the students’ level of engagement during their placements.

“Work experience was the catalyst for my Defence career, but also provides Land Engineering Agency with an avenue to showcase the interesting and highly technical work it undertakes and providing a pathway for future graduates,” he said.

Work experience opportunities are available for both secondary and tertiary students Australia-wide.

See the range of work experience placements now on offer at the Defence Work Experience Program website.

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Carly Clarke, a student from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology enjoyed work experience at Victoria Barracks attached to the Land Engineering Agency as part of the Defence Work Experience Program.